Marshall Building

Timo Gallery

Art Gallery
Floor 1

Timo Gallery is the workspace and showcase for the artwork of Timothy (Timo) Meyerring (von Thymann), where he can often be found working on the floor in the midst of all sorts of finished works on the walls. Passers by get to see the works in process, and the visits are always welcomed.

It is a fun place where the music is always loud, the incense burns, and the disco ball spins on end. There is eye-candy everywhere you look! This, is the stuff of dreams...

Reproductions of Timo's works can be found nationally at Crate & Barrel, Pier 1 Imports, and through the Bentley Publishing Group and Artfolio West. Original painting and photographic works, along with limited edition prints can be purchased direct at Timo Gallery, either in-person or online at